We strive to contribute to a more balanced society and sustainable future by:

  • Building upon technological advancements
  • Furthering collaboration and knowledge exchange through open innovation
  • Making things happen

We appreciate working with other purpose driven companies that have a convincing Answer to the Question Why.


We really like Diversity and it shows in our Teams Skills & Experience of over a decade of:

  • Analyzing, Planning, Aligning & Implementing Solutions
    • In the Energy Deregulation Sector
    • And Web Technologies
  • Keeping Projects on Track
  • Designing & Engineering Physical Structures (including Space Rockets)

We've been playing games since we could type "RUN" and/or roll dice - and have always been passionate about developing & testing them.

We love working internationally and appreciate the dynamics of cultural uniqueness. Our Team Members have various nationalities and social backgrounds. We don't care about Gender, Sexual or Religious Orientation or Beliefs. We do care about Personal Integrity, Reflection and Results.