Because Browsing the Web is about more than just browsing the Web. It's about Pushing Forward to Build a Better Future.

(IKPE is being built on both Open Source & commercial technology.)

As the Web is expanding to the Internet of Things it seems destined to become even more ubiquitous integrating new types of wearable devices and spreading on new iterations of back bone technologies.

All the while the challenges lying ahead seem more pronounced and pressing than ever before. Large scale, multi-lateral and inclusive involvement into solving global, interconnected issues are strongly indicated.

With IKPE - an Immersive Knowledge Processing Environment - we are working on a tool to help you meet those challenges.

* IKPEs design is centered on openness, connectivity and the sustainability of an idea.


“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”
(Isaac Newton)

  • Build on existing frameworks that are Open Source and prefer an open software license
  • Use open and well defined formats
  • Further the Open Source philosophy by active contribution and making key components open, accessible, modifiable and re-usable
  • Realize/Understand the power of a community working towards a common vision and goal
  • Consider to integrate machine learning open sourced technology while reflecting it’s possible dangers and the disruptive nature of Artificial Intelligence